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Finding Jesus Christ In The Gospel Of John Part One

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For those who wish to go beyond a nominal faith. This book is an opportunity to look at Jesus┬┤ life and His teaching and see where they apply to us today. We will prayerfully examine what we believe about the Son of God. We will prayerfully go with our Lord in short daily devotionals. This book starts with Chapter one of the Gospel of John. Those who are serious about approaching God will welcome this chance to examine how much of our Christian beliefs are truly bringing us to the Lord.

The Truth About Jesus Is He A Myth

RRP $34.99

Mangasar Magurditch Mangasarian (1859-1943) was an American atheist. His most popular books deal with the evidence against the existence of an historical Jesus. The majority of his writing covers topics on religious criticism and the philosophy of religion. The arguments presented in section one of The Truth about Jesus: Is He a Myth? show that there is no factual evidence for the existence of Jesus. This is a hard concept to grasp since we have been taught since childhood that he was an actual man living in the first century.

A Young Folks History Of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints

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Studying the history of our country creates patriotism and engenders loyalty. For the same reason, a study of the history of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will implant in our boys and girls a love for its heroes, a loyalty to its principles, and an appreciation of its achievements. By a knowledge of the history of the Church, our young people will prize more highly that heritage given them of God and preserved for them by the sweat and blood of their fathers.
The teacher using this little book will understand that it is not exhaustive, but rather suggestive. The teacher should be in possession of much more history than is given here. He should fill in much of the undercurrent of heroism, faith, and devotion exhibited by the characters of the history, very little of which can be given in the text. The importance of this larger knowledge on the part of the teacher will be understood by an examination of the review and questions at the end of each chapter. The aim in these questions is not only to review the facts of the lesson, but by suggestions and reference to bring out more fully deductions and principles.It is believed that by combining the topical and the question methods the best results may be obtained. The topics are to be assigned certain pupils for treatment. Questions should not be limited to those in the book. The teacher should find many more to ask.
Special attention is called to the maps. Have pupils locate each important place. Quite a number of dates are found in the text. It is not intended that the pupils should memorize them all. Most of them should be used merely in fixing the relative time between events. It is suggested that the pupils be encouraged to refer to the Church works and other books mentioned in the text.For further preparation the teacher is referred to "The History of the Church," "Cannon's Life of Joseph Smith," "Whitney's History of Utah." The "Faith Promoting Series," Evan's "Hundred Years of Mormonism," etc., will give much interesting and valuable information.


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