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Can Heaven Hear My Cry?

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This girl, she once had everything, a loving every summer and spring, but within the blink of an eye her whole world came crashing down, straight to the ground, you see...she was only ten, when, this horrible thing happened, why did her daddy have to die? she would often wonder...why? why? why? you see...he was her protector, a protector was he, and she, was now afraid to be, left alone with her mother, who no longer loved her, but had a passion for the street life, this same woman who was once a very loving wife! she would look to her so-called mother for contentment but instead penetrated was what she did get, she would have so many sleepless nights, while visions of her internal fights, repalyed through her mind... throughout her life, filled with strife, she met a boy, who was her rock and not her toy, well...until they got married, and his children she was the one that carried, but he beat her anyway, and from that day, she no longer loved herself, or anyone else, as a child she would often pray, but the same is the way things would often stay, as an adult she rose above it all, no longer did this girl seem to fall, she began going to church, and for what it was worth, she even got saved, no longer was her mind en-slaved, by the enemy, don't you see? she grew up to be, the exact opposite of what her mother had become, instead she had become, the mother for her kids that she wished her mother would've become, while she thought no one was there, while she thought no one knew her hopes and fears, while she secretly wanted to die, it was heaven that heard her cry...

Heaven On Earth And How It Will Come

RRP $56.99

Revelations is the only part of the Bible which claims to produce language which has been precisely dictated by the Lord Jesus. Three times over, the Lord testifies personally to its truth, accuracy and authority (Revelation 22:16, 18, 20). The book reveals to us more about our future destiny in definite terms than any other book of the Bible. Nearly all the contents of the book relate to the events which precede and follow close upon the Second Coming of the Lord. His redemption divides into three parts -- to redeem the earth from Satan's rule, to cause "the meek" to "inherit the earth, and to delight themselves in the abundance of peace."

One Foot In Heaven, Journey Of A Hospice Nurse

RRP $15.99

People die everyday. While most people in America die in a hospital, many families choose hospice for end of life care. Death, as experienced by hospice nurses, can be beautiful, peaceful, humorous, touching, tragic, disturbing, and even otherworldly. Hospice nurses act as midwives to dying people every day. Death transforms not just the patient and family, but the hospice nurse as well. The stories in this book are presented with the hope that their transformation extends to you, too. Heidi Telpner, R.N.


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