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Short-term Missions, A Christian Guide To Stms, For Leaders, Pastors, Churches, Students, Stm Teams And Mission Organizations

RRP $24.99

Short-Term Missions, A Christian Guide to STMs is a full and concise guide to STMs. What you need to know about planning a STM, or joining a STM team, and considering the options as part of the Great Commission, from the Good News to good works. This book is full of anecdotes and advice with informative timelines, and a biblical framework for STMs to help you engage in cross-cultural missions; with viable solutions to common mission issues to make your STM more effective to the glory of God.

  • Mission considerations and types of STMs.
  • What to do, where to go, with the best methods.
  • How to pick a team or choose a STM organization.
  • Raising financial support and managing your STM budget.
  • Travel kit list, items to buy and what to leave behind.
  • Emotional and spiritual work, before, during and at home.
  • Security, safety, duty and character, and being streetwise.
  • Dealing with social media and disruptive team members.
  • Medical advice, obtaining a visa and your plane ticket.
  • What to pack, how best to travel and airport etiquette.
  • Christian literature, building a home or sinking a bore well.
  • Communication, language issues and public speaking.
  • Team dynamics, food and drink, the tribe, and social time.
  • Working with the locals and being culturally sensitive.
  • What to do before and after you return home.

An easy-to-read comprehensive guide to short-term missions, for the young and inexperienced, or for the seasoned STM-er who is planning to take a team abroad, for sharing the Good News or for humanitarian purposes. Full of practical advice with much wisdom from Scripture coupled with hard leant experiences.

Mathew Backholer is the co-founder of ByFaith Media ( and films and presents the reality mission series ByFaith TV which airs globally on numerous Christian networks. He has been on more than thirty mission trips and has travelled to more than forty nations of the world. He has travelled the length of Africa, from Cairo to the Cape, across South-East Asia from India to Vietnam and from Nepal to Russia via China and Mongolia and has survived the Trans-Siberian Railway. He has driven around Europe, visited North Africa six times, and has journeyed alone, with friends, as part of team and as a leader. He is the author of many books, including: How to Plan, Prepare and Successfully Complete Your Short-Term Mission, Extreme Faith - On Fire Christianity and Global Revival - Worldwide Outpourings.

A History Of The Churches In Australasia

RRP $258.95

This pioneering study of Australian, New Zealand, and Pacific Christianity opens up new perspectives on Christianization and modernization in this richly complex region. The reception of Christianity into Pacific cultures has produced strongly Christian societies. Based on research in widely scattered archives, this book not only deals with regional interactions but pays careful attention to developments in microstates, and to the variety of indigenous religious movements, which were earlier regarded as deviations from Christian orthodoxy but are now seen as significant adaptations of Christian teaching. In Australia and New Zealand too, European Christian beginnings have been given local emphases, producing Churches with distinctive identities. Lay leadership is emphasized - not only in the Churches but as part of the Christian presence in the realms of politics, business, and culture. The broad liturgical, theological, constitutional, and pastoral developments of the 19th and 20th centuries are mapped, as a context for the striking changes which have taken place since the 1960s. The dynamics of religious change and conflict, the ambiguities of religious authority, and the destructive effects of Christian colonialism on indigenous communities, especially Australian aborigines, are all frankly dealt with. The decline of the institutional impact of the Churches in Australia and New Zealand is explored, as is the growth of partnership between government and Churches in education, social welfare, and overseas aid and development. Interchange in personnel and ideas is strikingly illustrated in the missionary activities of the regional Churches and their cultural impact. The author's involvement in Church and community leadership, ecumenism, and theological education makes this volume in The Oxford History of the Christian Church a valuable addition to the series, describing both continuities with world Christianity and little-known local developments.

The Lie In Churches

RRP $13.99

This book aims to expose the truth about many churches and religions, once a lie is spoken in several churches will surely drive thousands of people to be deceived and harmed. This book teaches how not to be fooled by any religious leader who can be diverted from the Holy Bible. Do not be fooled!


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